Our Businesses

Our main product categories include watches, bags, jewelries, accessories, shoes, fragrances, cosmetics and all other fashion-related goods.
We plan, manufacture and distribute our original brands.
We act as representative agents for foreign brands.

Ueni Trading Company Limited's Strength

For many years, Ueni Trading Company Limited has been a leading wholesaler of timepieces, bags and fragrances in the Japanese brand market. As a result of being a leading company in those markets for more than two decades, we have built trust with our retail clients and brand holders. Trust from brand holders provides a stable supply of goods, and trust from retail clients allows us to have over 3,000 outlets for sales all over Japan. Our retail support strategy, stemmed from the philosophy of Customer First, significantly contributes to gaining trust from both retail clients and brand holders.

Four Elements of Retail Support
1. Sales know-how and experience
Prior to the establishment of Ueni Trading Company Limited, the founder, Mitsuhiro Miyagami, was in the retail business. So from the beginning, Ueni Trading Company Limited had already acknowledged the importance of sales know-how. Since then, we have continuously improved and accumulated our sales know-how and experience through daily business operations. We have always focused on sales know-how from the retailer's point of view rather than the wholesaler's; thus, our sales know-how includes visual merchandising, point of purchase advertising, and various means of sales promotion. With such experience, we are capable of contributing to our retail clients' profits.
2. Genuineness

Having been a board member of the Association Against Counterfeit Product Distribution (AACD) from its establishment in 1998, we are committed to eradicate counterfeit brands.

3. Service Center
One of our group companies, Ueni Trading Service Center, has six senior watch technicians certified by the Japanese government, being able to repair 5,000 watches per month.
4. Logistics
We have two warehouses, as our subsidiary group companies, located in the suburbs of Tokyo. These two distribution centers ship approximately five million units per year. They also undertake our quality assurance functions and keep track of, on average, two million-unit inventories and other appurtenances such as boxes, instruction manuals, warrantee cards, etc. Moreover, they manage to print point-of-purchase displays and posters, and ship them together with each item.